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Women in leadership: An investing strategy that’s working

by Clare O’Hara for The Globe and Mail

While there are no investment products in Canada that focus exclusively on gender diversity, that doesn’t mean fund companies are turning a blind eye.

Fund families such as NEI Ethical Funds, OceanRock Meritas Funds and IA Clarington Inhance SRI Funds are starting to integrate gender diversity issues into their investment approaches as part of their socially responsible investing (SRI) strategies.

“The SRI fund companies have been successfully involved in engagement on gender diversity issues,” says Deb Abbey, CEO of the Responsible Investment Association. “They have been engaged in dialogue with many of the companies in their portfolios and have been actively voting their proxies in favour of gender diversity on boards.”

Last year, the Ontario Securities Commission implemented a new rule that requires companies to provide more transparency on their policies to add more women to their boards of directors and senior management ranks. Read more here.

Big investors should follow code of conduct, advocate says

By Janet Mcfarland, June 18th 2013, The Globe and Mail

The world’s largest investment funds – including pension plans and mutual funds – should adopt a code of conduct to ensure they will wield their growing power appropriately in a new “age of the institutional investor,” according to Stephen Davis, a leading governance advocate.

The Harvard University professor spoke Tuesday at the annual meeting of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance (CCGG), telling Canada’s largest institutional investors that governments have increasingly shifted power to major investors in the hope they will police the capital markets.

The problem with this “big bet,” he said, is that most funds are not equipped to do so.

“We have to make ownership meaningful,” Mr. Davis said. “We’ve spent years on reform of governance of public corporations. Now we need to turn those energies to mobilizing prudent ownership among institutional investors. Continue reading…

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