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Women on corporate boards: Push is on to train more female lawyers to fill spots on corporate boards

by Patti Ahern, for The Chicago Tribune, September 25, 2009.

Corporate boardrooms, long a bastion of male leadership, are under the watchful eye of DirectWomen, an organization designed to promote female lawyers to serve on corporate boards.

Although most corporations recognize the value of female board members and that diverse backgrounds and experience add quality, there is one huge barrier, said Mary Ann Jorgenson, an attorney and head of DirectWomen.

“We simply don’t have a cadre of women as large as the cadre of men,” Jorgenson said.

DirectWomen, an initiative of the American Bar Association’s Business Law Section and the nonprofit women’s business group Catalyst, recently announced that 21 female lawyers were selected into the 2009 DirectWomen Board Institute…(continue reading)

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