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Business Reporting Beyond Numbers – Looking for the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Corporate Governance

Posted by Alexey Volynets & Santiago Chaher (Corporate Governance Leaders) for the Global Corporate Governance Forum, October 8 -2010

Roksana Yasmin

Roksana Yasmin - June 2010 at the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute training

To properly cover the workings of a modern enterprise, journalists need to understand how it is governed—and how various issues under the corporate governance umbrella fit together and affect the company’s performance. This Lessons Learned aims to help business journalists track down corporate governance stories, ask the right questions to uncover critical information, and explain complex subjects to the public.  



The Global Corporate Governance Forum / IFC joined hands with Sebi and CII to evolve healthy practices on CG

by TNN  for The Times of India, 26 July 2009

NEW DELHI: Following the corporate governance (CG) fiasco at Satyam Computers, IFC — an arm of World Bank —has joined hands with Sebi and CII to evolve healthy practices on the issue, which is important for a sustainable growth in the country. Securities and Exchange Board of India  (Sebi) provides the technical assistance in the endeavour.

IFC has created a Global Corporate Governance Forum for raising awareness and building consensus, disseminating best practices, sponsoring research and supporting technical assistance and building capacity. IFC is funded by Japananse government for the purpose…

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