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Should the NSE’s Corporate Governance Rating System be Celebrated?

CNBC Africa

Yesterday, the NSE launched a corporate governance rating system for listed companies. The system was created in partnership with the CBI. Weak corporate governance was at the heart of the 2009 banking crisis in Nigeria. Soji Apampa, Executive Director, Convention for Business Integrity join CNBC Africa to discuss if we should be celebrating this new development.

Watch video here.


Family Business Governance: Examples from Egypt and Colombia

IFC has launched its family business governance video to help raise awareness, build capacity and expand the discussion on the topic to ensure that more family businesses in emerging markets and developing countries have the opportunity to grow in a sustainable manner and to share experiences from IFC clients. This is an area of particular importance to the IFC corporate governance program globally.

Family Business Governance: Examples from Egypt and Colombia

Corporate social responsibility is not only about doing good things (video)

Philip Armstrong, Head of the Global Corporate Governance Forum, speaks about CSR around the world, and emerging trends. IE Business School video.

Good Corporate Governance Saves Money… and Lives

published by The Global Corporate Governance Forum, June 2011.

See what difference good corporate governance makes for a company’s bottom line, and for lives of its customers and partners. The Global Corporate Governance Forum is happy to present stories from Alumni of its Board Leadership Training in Malawi: “Corporate Governance Saves Money… and Lives,” “Increased Lending to Women and Small Businesses” and “Trickle-Down Effect in Human Rights, Labor, Environment, and Anti-Corruption Practices”. 

As part of its project in Malawi, the Forum enhanced the capacity of the Institute of Directors of Malawi by training a cadre of CG trainers. Building on the existing Corporate Governance Board Leadership Training Resources, the Forum and the IODM jointly developed a localized curriculum to respond to the needs of the Malawi market. The trainers are now equipped to provide robust training programs to directors of local companies. Two alumni of the training program illustrate tangible benefits of implementing good corporate governance practices.

Corporate Governance and Risk Management: Making Financial Institutions Better

by Finance Online, December 4th, 2010.

This short video discusses IFC client engagement and the importance of implementing sound corporate governance practices in banks and other financial institutions. It looks at how to manage risks related to credit, market, liquidity and operational issues. Risk management refers to the structures and processes that identify, assess and mitigate all types of risk to an organization. SmartTalk is a series of round table discussions where IFC staff and external guests exchange experiences and discuss different aspects of corporate governance.

Video on The Board/Investor Relations Officer Relationship

by The Boardroom Channel, November 18th, 2010.

TK Kerstetter, President, Corporate Board Member
Scott Cutler, Executive Vice President, NYSE Euronext Inc.
Jeffrey D. Morgan, CAE President & CEO, National Investor Relations Institute

Watch the video here.

Corporate Governance and Private Equity

by Market Observation, October 31st, 2010.

The Re-birth of Private Equity in M&A and the Role of the Board

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