FT & IFC Sustainable Finance Conference and Awards 2013 (includes Corporate Governance session)

IFC Awards

Financial Times & IFC will be organizing a second annual series of Sustainability Days in different cities around the world to provide financial and non-financial institutions the opportunity to engage and share around best practices in sustainability. For Latin America and the Caribbean, we are delighted to invite you to attend the Sustainability Day, which will gather senior bankers and senior industry managers in São Paulo on February 28, 2013 at the Renaissance São Paulo Hotel (copy of agenda is attached). Key themes for this event will include:

• Women and Business
• Inclusive business as a value proposition
• Corporate Governance
• Low Carbon Growth/Impact Investing

This Sustainability Day will also serve to provide further information on companies’ participation in the 2013 Financial Times/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards. These awards, launched by the Financial Times and IFCare the world’s leading awards for banks and other financial institutions that demonstrate leadership and innovation by integrating environmental, social and corporate governance considerations into their business.

[Please note that it is not an open event and confirmation is needed. See at the end of the post.]

Sustainability Day Agenda São Paulo

14:00-14:15 Welcome – Nigel Twose, Development Impact Director, IFC

14:15-14:45 Keynote – Denise Hills, Head of Sustainability, Itaú-Unibanco

14:45-15:45 Session I: Women & Business

15:45-16:15 Coffee break and networking

16:15-17:15 Session II: Inclusive business as a value proposition

17:15-18:00 Session III: Corporate Governance

Moderator: Santiago Chaher, IFC Corporate Governance Group

Carlos Eduardo Lessa Brandão, Member of the Board of Directors – Brazilian Corporate Governance Institute (IBCG) – Brazil
Teruo Murakoshi, Corporate Governance Director – Algar – Brazil
Marcello De Simone, Treasury and IT Director – Ultrapar – Brazil

Corporate Governance and Sustainability are both fundamental elements contributing to the long term success of any corporation. This session will focus on a company’s vision as well as their approaches to management that take into account the best interests of the company and all shareholders. It also addresses the essential interests of a company’s stakeholders in creating an environment conducive to the company’s growth. Practical and viable models of how companies have implemented sustainability as it
relates to corporate governance will also be introduced. Examples will comprise listed, non-listed and family-owned businesses as well as draw from the latest trends and literature on the subject.

Key Messages:
– It is critical to address the legitimate interests of the shareholders (good Corporate Governance) before dealing with stakeholder interests (Sustainability).
– If Sustainability is the key to long-term success, Corporate Governance is the golden key necessary to open the door.
– Investors, creditors and other stakeholders have come to recognize that both concepts are integral to the company’s performance.
– Corporate Governance and Sustainability convergence is not a theory and it is inevitable and essential in promoting best practice in sustainable finance.

18:00-19:00 Session IV: Low Carbon Growth/Impact Investing

For more information on the Award, please visit the Awards website at: 

We do hope you can join us for this important event and look forward to hearing from you.
Click here to confirm your attendance.

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