Understanding Cultural and Social Forces is Crucial to Improving Corporate Governance

Interview to Prof. Bruce Kogut by the Global Corporate Governance Forum

CG Insights – top corporate governance experts discuss the latest research. Bruce Kogut is the Bernstein Professor of Ethics and Leadership at Columbia Business School and directs the Sanford C. Bernstein Center there.  He is currently on leave to the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin, where he is writing a book on productivity as the driver of national wealth. Professor Kogut has served on corporate and research boards in India, UK, France, and Russia.

The most interesting piece on corporate governance I read recently was….

… David Roodman’s book, Due Diligence: An Impertinent Inquiry into Microfinance.  Microfinance essentially shifts the governance that emanates from top leadership down through the organization to the customers who evaluate and monitor each other. The customers have the collective responsibility for deciding how to enforce individual obligations. In this book, Roodman offers an insightful analysis of the problems in peer governance and monitoring, some of which may contribute to the mixed delivery on the promises of microfinance.

Right now, I am working on…

… A follow up to The Small Worlds of Governance, an MIT press book I co-authored along with 20 colleagues that looked at corporate governance in emerging market countries through the informal social networks that connect people. Continue reading!


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