Family Owned Business: opportunities & challenges

The 12th Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC) Annual Conference 2011


The IBGC is the #corpgov leader institution in Brazil. Each year the IBGC organizes their Annual Conference where the most interesting topics in #corpgov are discussed and practices are shared. Corporate Governance practices in family-held companies will be in the spotlight during this new edition of IBGC’s International Conference on Corporate Governance. Conference attendees will have a chance to see how companies that symbolize the development of local economies and have in some cases global reach, deal with important governance issues.

The main characteristics of listed and closed family businesses will be discussed, as well as their main concerns and opportunities. Financing alternatives, such as IPOs, the allocation of funds by institutional investors, and mergers and acquisitions will be discussed with their resulting benefits, disadvantages and questions about the intangibles involved in each type of transaction.

Corporate Governance structures applied to family companies will also be brought up. How do their boards of directors and other agents of governance work? What kind of path did the first non-family CEO follow? What were the challenges he or she had to face in an organization of this type?

Asset and succession planning, testimonials, and the main trends in traditional family businesses in different countries will also be discussed during the 12th International Conference on Corporate Governance.

Event agenda: October 24 and October 25, 2011
@IBGC_Brasil’s Gilberto #Mifano thanks @GlobalCGForum for its support at opening speech- #cigc11
October 24, 2011

Session on FOB in the world: Mr. Paolo M. Martelli’s presentation.

Paolo Martelli from @IFC_org / @GlobalCGForum talking at @IBGC_Brasil #cigc11 about Family Owned Biz
October 25, 2011
RT @IBGC_Brasil: A Sessão tem início com Mauro Cunha convidando Paolo Martelli a comentar sobre a visão do IFC sobre as empresas familiares #cigc11
October 25, 2011

Translation: “The session starts with Mauro Cunha inviting Paolo Martelli to comment the IFC vision about Family Owned Companies.”

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