23 Global Companies With No Women on Their Boards

by Nathaniel Flannery for The Atlantic, March 18th, 2011.

What do the companies Toyota, Zale, Bulgari, Crocs, and Fiat have in common? These globally recognized brands market aggressively to women, even rely on women for the majority of their business, and yet have no women on their boards of directors.

With many highly publicized statistics now indicating that women make up the majority of the U.S.’s work force and hold a majority of management positions, it is easy to forget that, even in the most progressive economies, women remain largely excluded from the upper echelon of the business world.

In The End of Men, the July/August cover story of The Atlantic, pioneering biologist Ronald Ericsson, a self-styled cowboy in a lab coat, admitted that in recent years he had come to reject his controversial ideas about the innate superiority of men. He explained that currently, “Women live longer than men. They do better in this economy. More of ’em graduate from college. They go into space and do everything men do, and sometimes they do it a whole lot better. I mean, hell, get out of the way–these females are going to leave us males in the dust.”

In a recent Op-Ed piece in the New York Times, Nicolas Kristof, explained that while in many countries women are less likely than men to attend school, “these days, the opposite problem has sneaked up on us: In the United States and other Western countries alike, it is mostly boys who are faltering in school.” (continue reading… )


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