Four Key Board Challenges for 2011 – Final Chapter

by TK Kerstetter for The Board Blog, February 17th, 2011.

Once again I find myself apologizing on the speed of which I am finishing this blog series on board challenges. It is certainly not due to our web editor Laura Finn, who reminds me every day about my need to complete the series with the quest of maintaining a reasonable conversational flow. To say I have been distracted recently by the NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Börse merger announcement would certainly be a fair statement. Most of the this week’s merger information was a result of an early leak that sent both companies scrambling to answer media questions on the deal—the details of which were still in discussions and internal approval processes. I’m sure I am not the only one who will find it interesting to follow the progress of this transaction as final decisions are made around the social and business issues connected with it. Look for a TK blog on the deal when I get the full facts.

Now, back to the blog at hand.

As a follow-up to our first three key board challenges for 2011, we have a final key board challenge to consider. Remember, these are the key board challenges outside of risk and executive compensation, which we have agreed should top anyone’s list. Just as a reminder, here are the first three which I elaborated on in the last 2 posts.

Challenge 1: Finding time and a viable board process for discussing long-term strategy and profitably growing the company

Challenge 2: Communication with shareholders

Challenge 3: Board Composition, Structure, and Leadership

The final key challenge that the board faces this year is Board/CEO Relations. (continue reading… )



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