Leading Public Company Directors Shape Governance in the Age of WikiLeaks

by PRNewswire, December 15th, 2010.

In the post-WikiLeaks age in which boards operate today, everything is discoverable and, it seems, nothing is secret. The speed at which previously confidential information now travels requires directors to take a fresh look at digital communications in relation to corporate governance – and then move swiftly to take appropriate action.

The National Association of Corporate Directors’ (NACD) last week hosted 50 public company board members at Director Professionalism® – The Master Class to share a broad range of expertise with their director peers. The selective, in-depth class is the foundation course for NACD’s Board Leadership Fellowship program, and allows directors to learn from leading practices and develop innovative approaches to new boardroom challenges. In a reflection of the new challenges that directors face, social media, security, and regulatory compliance requirements were among the key areas of focus at the conference, along with building value for key stakeholders.

In addressing today’s environment, where information security is under attack, Virginia Gambale, director, JetBlue, and a former chief information officer (CIO) on Wall Street, urged fellow directors to become more engaged with their company’s CIO and to ask penetrating questions about IT strategy and security. Importantly, Ms. Gambale said, “If the mind can create it, the mind can break it.” Directors must be aware of aggressive efforts by hackers and others to penetrate corporate information security defenses for nefarious reasons. (continue reading… )


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