A Short Guide To Corporate Governance Training

by Alice Shown for EZineMark, November 23rd, 2010.

Although corporate governance has many definitions, for the purpose of brevity, it may be defined as a set of procedures and structures that aim to achieve optimum performance through the implementation of methods that ultimately help achieve corporate objectives. So, corporate governance refers to systems that guide the relationships between key players who contribute to the progress and development of an organization. Proper corporate governance sustains the organization through good times and bad, by establishing accountability and responsibility.

The aim of effective corporate governance is to achieve greater transparency and fairness, so that the organization may be accountable to shareholders. Thus, corporate governance is as important for the organization as it is for shareholders. It provides the broad framework within which it becomes possible to maximize profits, create more jobs and enhance investment opportunities.

Generally, corporate governance training is offered for anyone who feels that they may benefit from a basic overview of the company, including but not limited to company secretaries, lawyers, accountants, auditors, risk managers, compliance officers and so on.

If a company wants to invest in a new country, it is essential to undergo the corporate governance training there.

The aim of corporate governance training is to provide attendees with an understanding of key debates pertaining to governance. The training also offers practical advice on best practices and compliance. Several aspects are explored in detail including governance regulations, framework, Corporate Governance Code of the country, committee and board structures, rules and so on.

To be of any use, corporate governance training must be case-study based. (continue reading… )


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