Governing Banks – New Training Material for Bank Board Directors

by The Global Corporate Governance Forum, November 23rd, 2010.

The Global Corporate Governance Forum released Governing Banks, a new sector-specific curriculum designed to be taught in conjunction with its Board Leadership Training Resources Toolkit.

Download an excerpt and the table of contents.

Governing Banks is a comprehensive module on risk governance and risk management that focuses on the domain-specific expertise required of bank board directors. It puts a special emphasis on strategy formulation, financial controls, supervision and reporting, risk management, and corporate social responsibility.

The supplement is a key milestone in the Forum’s Financial Markets Recovery Project (FMRP) to improve bank directors’ financial risk-governance skills. The project was launched in Indonesia in March 2010 in cooperation with IFC, the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD), and Perbanas, the Indonesian bank association.

“Our objective is to help improve bank directors’ performance and thereby mitigate and prevent a future crisis like that of the past two years, in which governance failures played a key role,” said Gene Spiro, a Forum senior project officer. “The combination of the governance content of our product and its innovative mode of delivery—using the most current adult education techniques—should serve Indonesia’s banking sector well.”

In late October, the materials were introduced through a training-of-trainers workshop (ToT) in Indonesia. An intensive bank director training program led by the IICD will follow in Indonesia and other East Asian countries through the Institute of Directors of East Asia (

Perbanas is providing critical support by securing the participation of Indonesia’s financial community, including bankers, regulators, financial markets experts, and corporate governance leaders. The Swiss Office for Economic Cooperation is supporting the project. (continue reading… )


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