Ketchum Creates Advisory Board to Offer Best-in-Class Client Counsel on Corporate Governance Issues

By Ketchum for PR Newswire, May 19, 2010

Significant changes to corporate governance in the U.S. – touching areas such as SEC reporting rules, New York Stock Exchange broker discretionary voting and proxy access – and the promise of new regulations in the coming year, frame the backdrop for the launch of the Ketchum Corporate Governance Advisory Board. The board is composed of a diverse group of experienced industry experts.

With the formation of this board with leaders from securities law, academia, and shareholder and investor relations, Ketchum will be uniquely positioned to provide valuable counsel and strategic approaches to its clients on emerging regulatory issues surrounding the profound changes impacting investor communications.

“The changes to corporate governance laws require companies to make a number of changes to their business practices, including the way they communicate and share information,” said Raymond L. Kotcher, senior partner and CEO, Ketchum. “By partnering with this extraordinary group of experts, Ketchum will be even better positioned to counsel its corporate clients on new regulations and the importance of transparent communications. The members of the newly formed Ketchum Corporate Governance Advisory Board represent some of the industry’s leading voices in the rapidly changing shareholder rights landscape, and we are thrilled at the possibilities and client benefits that this partnership creates.”…(continue reading)


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