Resolving Corporate Governance Disputes: Training Board Directors

by International Finance Corporation, for the Global Corporate Governance Forum, May 4, 2010

The Forum successfully piloted a corporate governance dispute resolution course for board directors on May 4, 2010.

Although they are less common for well-governed companies, most companies experience corporate governance conflicts or disputes. Left unresolved, these disputes could paralyze the board, harm the company’s performance, and deter investors. Implementing effective dispute resolution processes for preventing and resolving corporate governance disputes is thus essential if the company is to succeed over the long term. Just as boards have crisis management plans, so, too, should they develop and adopt dispute resolution strategies, policies, and processes.

Hosted by the OECD, the pilot training was attended by fifty members of the Brazilian Corporate Governance Institute (IBGC) including board directors of Brazil’s largest companies. The objective of this half-day course was to raise awareness on:

– What corporate governance disputes are and how they differ from other types of disputes;
– Who is involved in such disputes and how they can affect all types of companies;
– The importance of effectively and efficiently preventing and resolving corporate governance disputes;
– The potential negative impact and cost, and the risks associated with corporate governance disputes;
– The benefits of alternative dispute resolution processes and techniques, and the limits of court litigation;
– The role of the board in properly preventing and addressing corporate governance disputes;
– How to apply dispute resolution skills in practice through a role-play exercise….(continue reading)


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