Implications of the “Volcker Rules” for Financial Stability

by Hal Scott, for The Harvard Law School Forum at Harvard Law School, Febraury 5, 2010.

Let me preface my testimony by stressing the urgent need for broad regulatory reform in light of the financial crisis on matters ranging from the structure of our regulatory system, to the reduction of systemic risk in the derivatives market, to improving resolution procedures for insolvent financial companies, to increasing consumer protection, and to revamping the GSEs. The Committee on Capital Markets Regulation dealt with these issues in its May 2009 Report titled The Global Financial Crisis: A Plan for Regulatory Reform. These issues were also fully laid out in the Treasury Department’s June 2009 proposal on financial regulatory reform, and have been vigorously debated in public meetings, the press, and Congressional hearings for months. These efforts have so far culminated in the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (H.R. 4173) as well as in Senator Dodd’s thoughtful Discussion Draft. And I applaud the ongoing efforts of this Committee to reach bipartisan consensus on these issues. In my judgment, we should not hold up these important reforms while we debate activity and size limitations.

The Volcker Rules would limit the ability of banks to own, invest in, or sponsor a hedge fund or private equity fund, or to engage in “proprietary trading.” The size limitation would limit the market share of all financial institution liabilities beyond the current 10% market share cap applied to bank deposits…(continue reading)


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