Morning business news

by RTÉ Business, January 29, 2010.

ANGLO: ISE HAD ‘LIMITED’ ROLE – The Irish Stock Exchange is hosting a conference on corporate governance in Dublin today.

Asked about Anglo Irish Bank, ISE chief executive Deirdre Somers said that while corporate governance had a role in that case, regulation and market circumstances were also key issues.

She said the fundamental corporate governance issue at Anglo was the separation of the roles of chairman and chief executive, and whether or not it was appropriate to have a chairman who was a former chief executive.

Ms Somers told RTE radio this was the main corporate governance issue at Anglo Irish Bank. But, asked if the ISE could have done anything better in regard to Anglo, Ms Somers said that, because of its limited regulatory role, she would have to say ‘no’…(continue reading)


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  1. 1 Charlotte March 23, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Sean Fitzpatrick seemed to have lot of friends in high places could one of them have been a current sitting High Court judge who is also on a debtors list with Anglo Irish Bank however his name has not been released as of yet

    The same said judge set himself up a foundation iwith UK Companies house using his wife’s name and his late mother in law’s date of birth the assets of the foundation are quite substantial not the type of money a judge would have earned in his lifetime as a barrister The residential address in London is currently been checked out with the local council to see if anyone lives there and the registered business address appears to be a forwarding address and all of this coming from someone who is sitting up on the Irish High Court Bench overseeing justice to others

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