The Sustainable Corporate Governance Model: New Theory & Implementation

by Astrid Franchiska Kowlessar, for Zunia, January 07, 2010.

As we observe the global fallout of our economic crisis, the question begs – where did the due diligence and strategic planning process get lost in our organization and corporate core processes? Within every organization, at least one status meeting is held, whether at Board or Supervisory level. Therefore, if each organization in or global corporate chain can boast of progress and planning meetings, how could entire corporations then crumble before our very eyes?

Short term, profit driven planning coupled with micromanagement and a penchant for reactive processes were the underlying factors which could not be detected, in part due to clever Investor and Public Relations image “spinning.” We as stakeholders gave such institutions too much “credit,” thinking that what we say was what we got. Au contraire. The point here though, is to re-introduce concepts of pro-active, long term planning and practice via sustainability.

Sustainability today could be in danger of becoming another buzzword. Many organizational concepts and solutions today exist mutually exclusive of each other, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, Strategic Planning, Disaster/Crisis Management. Solutions that mitigate certain components of organizational glitches, but separately do not provide the sustainability we seek. The solution needs to be comprehensive, and we find such under the umbrella of Sustainable Corporate Governance (SCG)…(continue reading)


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