Don’t Say RiskMetrics Didn’t Ask

by TK Kerstetter for the Board Blog at Borardmember, August 3, 2009.

The proxy advisory firm wants your feedback. Go ahead, speak up!

You can’t do what RiskMetrics Group does as a proxy advisory firm and not ruffle a few feathers. Okay, okay, often it ruffles more than a few feathers, but it’s not like it’s going to disappear anytime soon, so it’s best to pay at least some attention to it if for no other reason than because blatantly ignoring its guidelines just may get you a withhold vote on your next annual meeting and election of directors. And with brokerage firms not being able to vote their “street name” shares without instructions (Proxy 452) and the proposed SEC election of director changes putting more power in the hands of institution investors, a withhold vote by a proxy advisory firm may well become a much bigger deal.

While all of the above is true and worth taking note of, this blog is letting you know that RiskMetrics wants your opinion on just what should be in its proxy guidelines next year. You heard me right… they want your input. If you go to you will see a survey called the Governance Policy Survey that lets you (corporate issuers) share your opinions about the 2009/2010 RiskMetrics guidelines. While visiting the website, you may be surprised to find all the other resources that are available to corporate directors. Its knowledge center, research, blogs, and other resources are chock full of relevant information for the interested board member…

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